About the artist:

Born in 1986 Jennifer Charboneau is an energetic U.S. artist with roots from the bustling city of Minneapolis. Since 2008 she has traveled to 21 different countries and lived in 3. She lives and breaths as a nomadic artist.  Her creative process begins from obsessive observation of all the diverse places she wanders through. What begins as chaotic scribbles and sketches, mostly done while on the road, later become chaotic yet refined visual philosophies highlighting personal, subjective experience.

Some muses that influence her artwork across all borders are:  impressionism. expressionism. street art. nature. philosophy. music. haiku & prose poetry. and people watching social anthropology. She is a visual philosopher who is out to absorb all that this life has to show… then spit it out onto canvas and paper as chaotically and yet beautifully as it was first observed.

If you can’t find her in a city near you… find her in the cyber world gramingtweeting, & facebooking.

You may also inquire about ARTWORK, MURALS, LIVE EVENT PAINTING and philosophical jjiberish @ charbojr@gmail.com

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